Let's Go Fishing has Served Over


Seniors, Veterans and Children

The Eden Prairie Chapter is Let’s Go Fishing’s 29th chapter in the state of MN. Let's Go Fishing with seniors began in Willmar, Minnesota in 2002. Founder Joe Holm and his wife Carolyn envisioned an organization that would change lives by letting seniors and others experience the joy, and freedom of being out on the water to fish or just enjoy the beauty of Minnesota’s lakes. All at NO COST. Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors has grown to more than 30 chapters in MN who have served over 100,000 seniors, hospice patients, vets, children, and their families.

Make Reservations for the 2018 Season Now

If you are interested in booking any other trips, please click on “Schedule a Trip” on the top menu where you will find a link for the On-Line Scheduling System.

    All Trips are 2 Hours

    Trip times are:

    Boat #1 Trips:
    Monday thru Thursday
    10 am, 1 pm, & 6 pm *

    * 6 pm trips are June-August

      Boat #2 Trips:
      Mon thru Thursday
      10:30 am, 1:30, & 5:30 pm **
      Friday - 10:00 am
      Saturday 10:00 am

      ** 5:30 pm trips are June-August

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